Pavilion - Sobre



PAVILION is a big shelter. A place to exchange professional experiences.

Generous and open, it always allows the free circulation of the new; ideas and practices.

Flexible, it accommodates the changes imposed by the time passage.

Here is our building, an environment in permanent construction.

We are committed to quality. We offer high level content to make positive changes, transforming people and stimulating a better professional practice.

We understand that facilitated access to information and knowledge is an important transforming agent of reality these days. The incredible possibility of sharing experciences, skills and knowledge, without geographical or cultural barriers, stimulates us to further promote the rapprochement between those who work in the labor market with mastery and those who want to evolve through this.

Our Pavilion is open to anyone who is interested in doing better and better.

How it works

1 - Teaching method

  • architecture, engineering, landscape and interior design courses
  • interactive online classes
  • high-level teachers, recognized by professional practice
  • no start date and end date, learn when and where you want

2 - Help and support

  • connect with other students to share knowledge
  • ask questions with professionals
  • receive suggestions for courses appropriate to your profile
  • access classes via mobile, tablet or desktop

3 - Rewards

  • completion certificates
  • discounts in face-to-face workshops
  • discounts for referring friends
  • invitations for lectures and related activities

4 - Social responsability

  • partial or full scholarships for low-income students*
  • * contact us to know the eligibility criteria