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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

PAVILION is concerned with the confidentiality and safety of your personal information. We will do what it takes to keep these informations safe, according to our Policy Privacy. “Personal informations” will be defined below. The terms us, we and ours refer to PAVILION.

Our Policy Privacy is only applied to information we collect through our PAVILION website (which consists of all the content and pages located within It does not apply to informations collected by other means (for instance: by phone, fax or mail).

Beware with what you post

Comments or any other information posted by you on any part of the site designed for public communication, or for communication between members may be viewed and registered by other visitors. For this reason, we advise you to have common sense while posting any information.

Defining “personal information”

The term “personal information” used in this Privacy Policy, means any information you provide us while using the site, such as user registration or any financial transaction which may include (but is not limited to) your name, contact information, gender, birthday and address.

We make an effort to limit personal information collection down to what is needed for some of the site’s specific activities, in order to satisfy any commercial, legal or regulatory demands.

PAVILION does not collect financial informations regarding debit or credit card while purchasing our courses. These informations will be collected through Stripe’s payment platform.

Collected informations

We’re collecting information when the user registers and once the certificate is issued at the end of the course. Other collected informations are about visited pages on our site, visitation order and which hyperlinks and interfaces were used.

On links to other websites

Our site contains links for sites published by third parties, including service providers, such as those who host the video classes. Those other sites are beyond our control, and you recognize and agree that we’re not responsible for their collection and use of informations, unless it was indicated otherwise by this Privacy Policy. We recommend you to, once you’re redirected to a third party site, review the privacy policy from the site you’re visiting.


PAVILION is concerned about protecting Personal Information in our hands. This is done through a variety of policies, physical and technical, which protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of those informations. However, no transmission system throughout the Internet, or any electronic storage system, is 100% safe. Therefore, PAVILION cannot guarantee absolute safety.

Updates on our Privacy Policy

In order to offer even better services, we will review our own Privacy Policy whenever necessary. When it happens, we will leave a note in this section of the website, where it will show you the revision date, telling you to review the terms at any update.


If there is any doubt regarding our Privacy Policy, if there is any data you would like to keep private, or if you would like access to the information we have about you, please contact us through the form Speak with us, in the about menu.