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How the payment method works?

To purchase a PAVILION course, a credit card is required.

For Brazilian customers, the value of the course is the same as that presented on the platform.

For international clients, the course fee will be subject to exchange variation. For reference purposes, in the English version of the website, an approximation of the course value is presented in US dollars.

What are the system requirements to attend classes?

To watch Pavilion courses you need to be connected to the internet. For desktops, for streaming views and high image quality, we recommend connections above 5Mbps. For good viewing on mobiles, we recommend 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi connections.

In terms of software, our platform is compatible with the main browsers available, such as IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The mobile version is compatible with Android and IOS systems.

Regarding the player platform (Thinkific), it is necessary that Javascript is installed and enabled.

What data does Pavilion store about me?

User data stored by Pavilion is described in our Privacy Policy. Pavilion solicits personal information only in limited circumstances.

Does Pavilion give or sell my personal information to advertisers?

No. Pavilion does not sell or donate your personal information to advertisers. Your information is used only as described in our Privacy Policy.

How do I get removed from the Pavilion marketing list?

For removal from our marketing list, please contact us through the form Speak with us, in the about menu.

How do I ask questions that are not covered by the FAQ, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

If you have any questions that are not included in our FAQ, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, please contact us through the form Speak with us, in the about menu.